The public - Javnost.

The public - Javnost.
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  • ISSN 1854-8377
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  • Verlag Evropski Institut za Komuniciranje in Kulturo
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Javnost-The Public publishes original research papers on all aspects of publicness with strong theoretical foundations. The research presented must transcend the limits of single case studies. Nevertheless, both empirical and theoretical studies are accepted if they offer insights into issues related to the public sphere theories and debates, such as: the role of (media) communication in fostering human freedom and social change; public service broadcasting; media democratization in East-Central Europe, South-East Asia and China; digitization of broadcasting; new developments in journalism; the importance of communication for class relationships; public opinion and political representation; perspectives of small-scale media and community media; tabloidization of the media; globalization of media and media policies; popular culture as political communication; media (in) war and peace; democratic rhetoric and duty of liberation; transformations in the public sphere(s) and the development of a European public sphere; E-networks and democratic life.


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THE PUBLIC / JAVNOST Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture

THE PUBLIC / JAVNOST Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture

  • ISSN 1318-3222
  • Land Slowenien
  • Verlag , Ljubljana
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