Catalysis in industry.

Catalysis in industry.
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Analysis of specific industrial catalytic processes: Production and use of catalysts in branches of industry: chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, pharmaceutical, organic synthesis, fuel-energetic industries, environment protection, biocatalysis; technology of industrial catalytic processes (generalization of practical experience, improvements, and modernization); technology of catalysts production, raw materials and equipment; control of catalysts quality; starting, reduction, passivation, discharge, storage of catalysts; catalytic reactors. Theoretical foundations of industrial catalysis and technologies: Research, studies, and concepts : search for and development of new catalysts and new types of supports, formation of active components, and mechanochemistry in catalysis; comprehensive studies of work-out catalysts and analysis of deactivation mechanisms; studies of the catalytic process at different scale levels (laboratory, pilot plant, industrial); kinetics of industrial and newly developed catalytic processes and development of kinetic models; nonlinear dynamics and nonlinear phenomena in catalysis: multiplicity of stationary states, stepwise changes in regimes, etc.


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Kataliz v promyšlennosti - Catalysis in industry: naučno-techničeskij žurnal.

Kataliz v promyšlennosti - Catalysis in industry: naučno-techničeskij žurnal.

  • ISSN 1816-0387
  • Land Russland, GUS
  • Verlag , Moskva
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