Interdisciplinary description of complex systems.

Interdisciplinary description of complex systems.
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The Journal INDECS is devoted to the field emerging rapidly as an intricate combination of theoretically and empirically well founded scientific disciplines such as humanities, social and natural sciences, still enriched with novel elements and often surprising moments. The journal aims to contribute to this sparsely covered field, where metaphorical expressions about our world and its various segments subtly develop into concepts and further into well-defined, more quantifiable, measurable, predictable and operable structures. Scientific areas: Biology; Physics; Geosciences; Chemistry; Mathematics; Architecture and urban planning; Electrical engineering; Civil engineering; Chemical engineering; Computer science; Mechanical engineering; Traffic and transportation engineering; Aviation, rocket and space technology; Other basic technical sciences; Basic medical sciences; Public health and health care; Agronomy; Economy; Law; Politology; Information sciences; Sociology; Psychology; Education; Social geography and demography; Social work; History; Archeology; Philosophy; Ethnology and anthropology; Theology.

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