Cris: časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci.

Cris: časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1332-2567
  • Land Kroatien
  • Ort Križevci
  • Verlag Povijesno društvo Križevci
  • Zugriff Open Access
  • Artikel-Nr. Z04970E

A wide range of scholars and experts have been contributing to the journal of the Historical Society of Križevci, Cris, by publishing their research in a variety of fields and disciplines related to history. Most papers deal with topics related to the Križevci area, thus putting it in the focus of scientific research. By publishing articles that concern themes from a broader geographical area or even from abroad but still thematically linked to the historical figures or events related to the Križevci area or Koprivnica-Križevci county, the journal opens up to a wide range of topics of interest to the academic community. Papers dealing with history, archaeology, art history, ethnology and the history of architecture are welcome, as well as multi-disciplinary papers that contribute to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge about the history of the wider Križevci area.

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