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Weekly newspaper "JAVA" (The Week) is a unique newspaper all over Albanian lingual territory. "JAVA" is the only Kosovar media partly published in main Albanian speaking idiom - Gheg Idiom. Gheg Idiom is almost a banned language of Albanian Culture. Main objectives of weekly "JAVA" designed as a project, are: - Diversity awareness and alleviation of language barriers promoting human interaction and increasing the sense of tolerance; - Debating and contributing to discussion over European Identity in general, and the Kosovar Identity (as a kind of Supra-Ethnic Identity) in particular, as a campaign of supporting and safeguarding inclusiveness, flexibility and multitude of attachments and identifications; - Commitment to defense cultural diversity as an ethical imperative, inseparable from respect for human rights and dignity; JAVA as an libertarian concept of the press, pointing on Diversity and Identity as a main not only European objectives but especially as a main issues and challenges of post-NATO-intervention Kosovo, is trying to prove, as a distinctive example, how could a media meet its aim - Independence. Independence not only in economic and editorial meaning of the word, but

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