Archives of biological sciences.

Archives of biological sciences.
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  • ISSN 1821-4339
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  • Verlag Srpsko Biološko Društvo
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The Archives of Biological Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal that covers original research in a wide range of subjects in life science, including biology, ecology, human biology and biomedical research. The Archives of Biological Sciences features articles in genetics, botany and zoology (including higher and lower terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals, prokaryote biology, algology, mycology, entomology, etc.); biological systematics; evolution; biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, including all aspects of normal cell functioning, from embryonic to differentiated tissues and in different pathological states; physiology, including chronobiology, thermal biology, cryobiology; radiobiology; neurobiology; immunology, including human immunology; human biology, including the biological basis of specific human pathologies and disease management; systems biology.

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