The Hungarian quarterly.

The Hungarian quarterly.
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  • ISSN 0028-5390
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  • Ort Budapest
  • Verlag Society of the Hungarian Quarterly
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Founded in 1936 by Count István Bethlen (Prime Minister of Hungary 1921-31) The Hungarian Quarterly soon made a name for itself, thanks to contributions from the best Hungarian authors, English and American journalists and politicians who sympathised with post-Trianon Hungary. The journal reverted to ist original name in 1993 after Hungary's return to democracy. Since then The Hungarian Quarterly has been politically neutral seeking to inform and provoke on a wide range of subjects - historians, economists, literary scholars, musicians and film- and theatre-goers will regularly find something stimulating. The journal has earned a peerless reputation for ist translations of Hungarian fiction and poetry. Every issue includes poems translated by English and American poets.

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