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  • ISSN 0865-2864
  • Land Ungarn
  • Ort Budapest
  • Verlag Vörösmarty Társaság
  • Zugriff Open Access
  • Artikel-Nr. Z04562E

The cultural and literary monthly HOLMI was founded in October, 1989. It has become one of the most influential and highly esteemed journals of this kind among the numerous "old" and "new" periodicals of the past eight years. The best Hungarian writers, poets, philosophers, social scientists and critics are among its regular contributors. In addition to the publication of their work, HOLMI makes efforts to translate articles and essays addressing issues of great importance (e.g., constitutionalism, democracy, feminism, etc.) which, up until now, have not been discussed at enough depth in the country. Besides publishing a wide range of short stories, essays, poems and other writings of contemporary Hungarian authors, it is also an organic part of the editorial policy to make accessible yet unknown documents of the recent history and literary world of Hungary, and to mediate modern world literature to the Hungarian readers. HOLMI regularly reviews a great variety of novels from both Hungarian and foreign publishing houses.

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