Az Elemző: Közép és kelet-európai politikai és gazdasági szemle.

Az Elemző: Közép és kelet-európai politikai és gazdasági szemle.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1784-0356
  • Land Ungarn
  • Ort Budapest
  • Verlag Globális Tudás Alapítvány
  • Zugriff Open Access
  • Artikel-Nr. Z04513E

The Analyst is meant to fill in a gap in the media. Targets of The Analyst are the countries from the Baltic states to the Balkans, their domestic situation, their interests - often either common or colliding -, as well as international impacts which influence the fate of this zone in a global world. In accordance with its title, this quarterly wants to analyze politics, economy, social and security issues, facts and trends thoroughly and deeply in an objective way. For obvious reasons, these issues will be followed with a special attention whenever Hungary is concerned. But The Analyst wants to be more than a special quality source for readers focussing on Hungary. We hope that those who are keenly interested in Central Eastern Europe, either from inside or from outside of the region, will find this quarterly a real help.

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