Teologia polityczna.

Teologia polityczna.
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Thus far in Poland political theology has not been a popular field for reflection. In the communist days the relations between religion and politics were dealt with either indirectly - as part of social sciences and the history of ideas - or within the Marxist doctrine. Paradoxically, the fall of communism did not change this situation. The fear of religious integrism, nationalism etc. drew a demarcation line between religion and the problems of democracy and the market economy. Recently, however, thanks to a growing appeal in the West of the role of religion in the public domain, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have also been experiencing a growing interest in this subject. Mutual relations between the homo politicus and the homo religiosus are sought in this region in the hope of better understanding the conditions of the human being after the tragic experiences of the 20th Century. "Political Theology", edited by Marek A. Cichocki and Dariusz Karłowicz, is a periodical that aims to be a forum for philosophical, theological and public discussion on religion, politics and the market economy in Poland; a venue for re-printing articles on political theology that were

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