International Journal of Water Sciences.

International Journal of Water Sciences.
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The International Journal of Water Sciences (IJWS) will publish original papers on all aspects of hydrology and water resources, which comprise physical, chemical, and biological processes of surface water and groundwater. The IJWS will aim to improve understanding of these processes which occur in changing climates by presenting fundamental and applied research that seeks to quantify climate change at watershed scale as well as incorporate insights about these changes into engineering and/or management practices. Topics of interest: Arid and semi-arid hydrology, Hydroclimatology and hydrometeorology, Coastal and estuary hydrology, Ecohydrology, Hydrologic extremes, Frequency flow, Groundwater hydrology, Hydraulics, Lake and wetland hydrology, Risk and uncertainty, Soil erosion and sedimentation, Steppe hydrology, Storm water, Vadose hydrology, Water quantity and water quality, Watershed hydrology.

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