Studia pastoralne.

Studia pastoralne.
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The Church of the 21st century and most of all the faithful face the ever topical task of reaching the core of the teaching of the II Vatican Council and developing the contemporary theology in its light, especially one has in mind the fields which, in addition to strictly scientific nature, are of a practical dimension. These are the characteristics of theological disciplines, which due their nature are opened to both the Revelation and specific existential-and-pastoral experience of individuals and whole religious communities. What is at stake here is a pastoral theology, liturgics, homiletics, catechetics, misiology and a Christian spirituality. The theological and pastoral areas comprised by the said disciplines are the topics of a magazine entitled "The Pastoral Studies". It has a rank of an open forum that guarantees free and in-depth exchange of theological ideas as well as pastoral experience, which we can enrich one another with, and also assist the Church in her comprehensive mission carried out the mandate Christ in specific historical times and in real socio-cultural conditions. "The Pastoral Studies" is a yearbook of the Theological Department of the University of

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