• Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 2353-3641
  • Land Polen
  • Ort Kraków
  • Verlag Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanislawa Staszica
  • Zugriff Open Access
  • Artikel-Nr. Z03353E

The Geotourism (Geoturystyka) magazine, published by the AGH University of Science and Technology, presents scientific and information papers as well as survey reports devoted to all aspects of global geotourism. Magazine is intended for anyone interested in the promotion and protection of geological heritage, geological education and the popularization of Earth Sciences. Journal focuses on geological and geomorphological issues in tourism but also on wider geographical context as well as on impacts of geotourism in social, economic, and cultural aspects.

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