Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Production.

Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Production.
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Catalysis for Sustainable Energy publishes papers covering all aspects of catalysis relevant for sustainable energy generation, including design of catalysts, their characterization, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, deactivation/regeneration, design of fuel cells and reactors, estimation of process parameters, their modelling and optimization. Catalysis in fuel cells (PEMC, SOFC), hydrogen energy in general; catalysis in production of syngas, hydrogen and biofuels (biodiesel and green diesel production, upgrading of fats and oils from renewable sources; catalytic upgrading of glycerol; conversion of biomass derived carbohydrates to fuels, catalysis in depolymerization of lignin; catalytic pyrolysis of biomass; catalytic upgrading of bio-oil: biomass gasification in the presence of catalysts; BTL; production of renewable hydrogen; catalytic transformation of CO2 to fuels, as well as other relevant to catalysis for sustainable energy topics will be considered.

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