Scripta & e-scripta.

Scripta & e-scripta.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1312-238X
  • Land Bulgarien
  • Ort Sofija
  • Verlag Institute of Literature BAN
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt
  • Artikel-Nr. Z03020E

Scripta & e-Scripta contains articles, book reviews, and news about the projects and activities of the Commission for Computer Processing of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books of the International Commitee of Slavists (established in 1998). Articles will include surveys of research (Forschungsberichte), discussion of theoretical and practical approaches to medieval studies, and descriptions of new projects and resources. The editorial board hopes to stimulate and encourage professional research on the written heritage of the Middle Ages, from late Antiquity to the beginning of the eighteenth century. Archeological reports are not accepted, but papers that use archeological evidence, as well as articles based on all kinds of historical sources and methods of research, are welcome. A regular section titled "Debuts" will include first publications by graduate students and young specialists. Reviews and annotations of new books in the field of medieval studies are included.


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