Interdisciplinaria archaeologica.

Interdisciplinaria archaeologica.
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  • ISSN 1804-848X
  • Land Tschechische Republik
  • Ort Olomouc
  • Verlag Archaeological Centre Olomouc
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  • Artikel-Nr. Z02854E

The focus of Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica - Natural Sciences in Archaeology is the ongoing cooperation of archaeology with the natural sciences and other disciplines. The journal's interests include bioarcheaology (archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeogenetics and anthropology), geoarchaeology (petro-archeology, micromorphology) and dating methods in archaeology. We will publish contributions that aim to solve archaeological questions utilizing the methods of the natural sciences and other fields. The birth of IANSA reflects the growing need of scientists in central Europe to access an international journal focused on the methods of the natural sciences and multidisciplinary cooperation in archaeology. Printversion: 4141859.

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