Revista de psihologie scolara.

Revista de psihologie scolara.
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The Romanian Journal of School Psychology (ISSN 2248-244X; ISSN-L 2448-244X) is a semi-annual peer-reviewed journal, supported by The National Association of School Psychologists (Asociaţia Naţională a Psihologilor Şcolari). Starting from 2012, the journal is printed in June and December. The journal takes into consideration for publishing articles from the field of school / educational psychology or related fields, corresponding to one of the following categories: research that entail the scientific method (experimental, quasiexperimental, correlational, metaanalitical, case study etc.) in order to explain various aspects of human activity in the educational context; 2. theoretical syntheses which extend conceptual understanding, describe a new perspective / a set of ideas / connections between theories and which emphasize the personal contribution of the author(s); 3. interviews with prestigious personalities from the field of school psychology; 4. reviews of books and articles relevant for the field of school psychology; 5. descriptions of scientific events (conferences, summer schools, specialization courses, round tables etc.) relevant for the field of school psychology.

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