Erdélyi társadalom.

Erdélyi társadalom.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1583-6347
  • Land Rumänien
  • Ort Cluj-Napoca
  • Verlag Presa Universitara Clujeana
  • Zugriff Open Access
  • Artikel-Nr. Z02521E

The social science journal "Erdélyi Társadalom" was founded in 2003 and since then its editions have been published twice a year. Editing of the journal is the responsibility of the Department of Sociology and Social Work in Hungarian of the Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj), while the publisher is the Cluj University Press, the publishing house of the BBU. The journal includes articles of a wide variety of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, social policy, regional studies, social geography, ethnography, political science. Printversion: 9030027.

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