Computational Methods in Social Sciences.

Computational Methods in Social Sciences.
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  • ISSN 2344-1232
  • Land Rumänien
  • Ort Bucureşti
  • Verlag CMSS
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  • Artikel-Nr. Z02498E

CMSS publishes only original research papers on information technology, statistics, computational methods and quantitative analysis applied in social sciences. During the last years social sciences have witnessed an exponential growth of data that have to be processed. Analysis of social infrastructure and networks, streaming data that come from online surveys produce a tremendous volume of data. Many computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians have focused on designing new statistical and modeling approaches to find the underlying structure of data. The topics of interest for our readers include, among others: modeling and simulation in social sciences, computational economics, quantitative methods and their application in social sciences and spatial statistics, software tools and algorithms for statistical data processing, statistical methodology for censuses and surveys, agent-based modeling, analysis of social networks, computers and education, Rough Systems, Database and Data Mining in Social Sciences, Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms, Grid and Scalable Computing, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing.

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