Konteksty. Polska sztuka ludowa.

Konteksty. Polska sztuka ludowa.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1230-6142
  • Land Polen
  • Ort Warszawa
  • Verlag Instytut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt
  • Artikel-Nr. Z02298E

Since 1947 the Konteksty magazine has appeared regularly as a quarterly sponsored by the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Konteksty is an interdisciplinary publication, embracing different areas from folklore, avant-garde art, aesthetics and anthropology to drama, the plastic arts and mass culture. Konteksty also presents the achievements of minority cultures - we have published special issues devoted to the Jews, Gypsies and Lemkos as well as a special issue on Lithuania. Our magazine is addressed to culture anthropologists, humanists, students - and anyone else interested in humanism. A specialist magazine, it is nevertheless accessible to the broad public and should be of particular interest to all who wish to deepen their knowledge about culture and ist mechanisms. Our aim is to outline the leading contemporary humanistic trends, the many facets of today's culture as well as the origins and traditions of well-known contemporary social phenomena. In our work we also translate foreign-language texts.


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