Doklady Mathematics.

Doklady Mathematics.
  • Produkt eJournal / Elektronische Zeitschrift
  • ISSN 1531-8362
  • Land Russland, GUS
  • Ort Moskva
  • Verlag MAIK Nauka / Interperiodica Publications
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt
  • Artikel-Nr. Z01671E

Doklady Mathematics is a bimonthly journal containing English translations of papers published in Doklady Akademii Nauk (Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences), which was founded in 1933 and is published 36 times a year. Doklady Mathematics includes the articles from the following areas: mathematics, mathematical physics, computer science, control theory, and computers. It publishes brief scientific reports on previously unpublished significant new research in mathematics and its applications. The main contributors to the journal are the members of the RAS, corresponding members of the RAS, and scientists from the former Soviet Union and other countries. Among the contributors are the outstanding Russian mathematicians.


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