Embracing Arms: Cultural Representation of Slavic and Balkan Women in War.

Embracing Arms: Cultural Representation of Slavic and Balkan Women in War.
  • Autor
  • Jahr 2013
  • Seiten eBook (PDF), 293 S.
  • Verlag CEU Press, Budapest - New York
  • ISBN 978-615-5225-56-7
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt, DRM-frei
  • Artikel-Nr. 8330005E

Discursive practices during war polarize and politicize gender. They normally require men to fulfill a single, overriding task, to destroy the enemy - but impose a series of often contradictory expectations on women. Centering on cultural representations, the essays establish links between political ideology, history, psychology, cultural studies, cinema, literature, and gender studies furthermore address questions such as - what is the role of women in war or military conflicts beyond the well-studied victimization? Can the often contradictory expectations of women and their traditional roles be (re)thought and (re)constructed? How do cultural representations of women during war times reveal conflicting desires and poke holes in the state and society? Embracing Arms focuses geographically on the USSR/Russia, Central Europe, and the Balkans; historically, on WWII; the secessionist war(s) in Chechnya (1994-96, 1999-); and the Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia war (1992-95). (This title as book: 8330005)


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