Meaning-Text Theory: Current Developments.

Meaning-Text Theory: Current Developments.
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  • Jahr 2014
  • Seiten eBook (PDF), 295 S. mit Tab.
  • Reihe Wiener Slawistischer Almanach. Sonderbände, Band 85
  • Verlag Verlag Otto Sagner, München-Berlin-Wien
  • ISBN 978-3-86688-440-3
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt, DRM-frei
  • Artikel-Nr. 7785E

The Meaning-Text Theory is a holistic linguistic theory characterized in particular by the central position of the lexicon, the primacy of semantics, the importance of the communicative structure (information structure), and the reliance on dependencies on the syntactic level of representation. MTT has been extensively developed over the last four decades with respect to the coverage of linguistic phenomena in different languages and application in a variety of fields, in particular lexicography and natural language processing (including text parsing and machine translation).The volume consists of 25 contributions (all written in English) and is devided into three parts. Part 1 presents the current state of the MTT model and its connection with other related frameworks. Part 2 deals with a broad range of semantic issues, focusing on the interaction of semantics with other levels of language, including morphology, syntax, and pragmatics. Part 3 is devoted to computational and lexicographic applications of MTT.The languages dealt with are mainly Russian, followed by English, Spanish, French, Czech, Estonian, German, and some non-European languages. (Dieser Titel als Buch: 7785)


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Meaning-Text Theory: Current Developments.

Meaning-Text Theory: Current Developments.

  • Autor Apresjan, Valentina; Iomdin, Boris (Hrsg.)
  • Jahr 2013
  • Seiten Br., 295 S. mit Tab.
  • Verlag Verlag Otto Sagner, München-Berlin-Wien
  • Land Deutschland
  • ISBN 978-3-86688-439-7
  • Preis 35,80 Euro
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