The Dialectic of Artistic Form.

The Dialectic of Artistic Form.
  • Autor
  • Jahr 2013
  • Seiten eBook (PDF), 412 S. mit Bibliogr.
  • Reihe Arbeiten und Texte zur Slavistik, Band 96
  • Verlag Verlag Otto Sagner, München - Berlin
  • ISBN 978-3-86688-309-3
  • Zugriff Lizenzgeschützt, DRM-frei
  • Artikel-Nr. 2096E

The early aesthetics of Alexei Losev is one of the best examples of pre-communist Russian thought and one of the last attempts to build a grand philosophical system on the basis of pagan and Christian Neoplatonism, Russian personalism, phenomenology, and the dialectical trend in German Idealism. Losev's brilliant dialectical-phenomenological thinking anticipates many twentieth-century discoveries in phenomenological and dialectical aesthetics within a coherent and elegant account of artistic form. Losev's insights into the nature of aesthetic perception and artistic form also anticipate many recent discoveries in neurobiological aesthetics, thus harmonizing the phenomenological approach in aesthetics with the scientific. The translation of Losev's aesthetic treatise is prefaced by a thorough analysis of Losev's sources and an outline of the continuing relevance of his aesthetic theory to present-day aesthetics. (Dieser Titel als Buch: 2096)


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The Dialectic of Artistic Form.

The Dialectic of Artistic Form.

  • Autor Losev, Aleksei Fyodorovich
  • Jahr 2013
  • Seiten Br., 412 S. mit Bibliogr.
  • Verlag Verlag Otto Sagner, München - Berlin
  • Land Deutschland
  • ISBN 978-3-86688-308-6
  • Preis 38,00 Euro
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